Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Focus 2


Coming to college with a gray cloud looming over your head? There’s the possibility that when first attending a university you may not have any ideas about a major, much less a career choice. Career assessments are a great way to start the exploration process for your future major and/or career. There are assessments available free of charge and today we look at FOCUS. FOCUS is a self-assessment that gives an insight on the individual’s interests and develops a list of potential careers based off the assessments. This tool can used to consider interests, personality, and leisure interests.

For example, the “Learn Something About Yourself” section gives on various aspects about the individual such as work interests, personality, skills, values, and leisure interests and uses this information to provide career matches based off your assessments. 

From there it provides a bar graph that breaks down your work preferences based off of Social, Investigative, Enterprising, Artistic, Realistic, and Conventionality. It provides a description of what these terms actually mean. For example, this person has scored highly in the “social” area. This would mean that their job preference would fall in with “helping” professions. This graph would be used to predict job outlook similarities and create a list of jobs that fit your interests and personality. This list would be generated and saved for future reference. 

Above is the predicted job matches according to this person’s personality. Jobs with that fit your personality and interests will be shown. From this list you are able to click the occupation listed and it will take you to another page that will give an in-depth description of the job matched. I suggest to take these assessments and get some type of ideas about what interests you. To gather more information about the listed careers stop by the Career Services Department in Kettler 109 and make an appointment with a Career Counselor. It’s never too early or too late to start planning your career!!!