Thursday, March 27, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the NICE Job Fair

10. You may not have won Warren Buffett's billion-dollar bracket, but you'll go home with "billions" of new experiences and valuable contacts.
9. There are no hoops to jump through to attend. Simply show up dressed business professional on April 15!
8. The NICE Job Fair will net you information you can put into practice-what skills and experiences are employers looking for?
7. You'll have tons of one-on-one time with employers to learn about their products, services and organizations and how that can fit with you.
6. Make a break afterwards to grab some free lunch on us and a free LinkedIN profile picture!
5. Overtime is a good thing at NICE. After you're done walking around, you still have the chance to interview with an employer that same day!
4. All the latest employers attending and info about their company are at your fingertips on JobZone.
3. You can celebrate your successes with Career Services-tell us about your interview, job, or internship!
2. Your passion and excitement for your career will rebound after attending!
1. You'll gain excellent professional experience; it would be Madness to miss it.
(adapted from ASCA)

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Hidden Job Search Checklist

Job Searching can be a very overwhelming and sometimes very frustrating, especially in a slow economy! Of course many know about the importance of updating their resume, brushing up on their interview skills, and creating a cover letter. However, there are many steps that one should take when job searching that are commonly missed. Below is a list of four steps, commonly missed by applicants, that when completed can help you find a job!

  • Have a record keeping system- Track all calls, names, notes taken from meetings and phone calls, resumes sent, interviews, etc.
    • Keeping records will help you to keep track of who you've talked to and your standing in the application process with each employer. 
  • Practice your "reason for leaving" speech.
    • Explain what happened without mocking your previous employer. 
  • Attend a professional networking event. 
    • Talk to others about your job search. They may be able to connect you with someone who's looking for someone with your talent! 
  • Prepare short, written versions of your biography.
    • These are useful for emails, job search websites, etc. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Indiana Statewide Virtual Career Fair

February 5, 2014

State of Indiana Collegiate Talent Search
Sponsored by CDPI

Meet Employers Live in a Virtual Setting!
FREE for all students and alumni of Indiana colleges and universities!

Consortium Information-Participating Schools

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Monday, November 11, 2013

How to Write a Cover Letter

Cover Letters are perhaps one of the most important documents your future employer will see! Along with resumes, cover letters shape an employer’s first impression on who you are and what qualifications you have.  Below are some tips to keep in mind while writing your cover letter.

Be specific
Make sure you address the cover letter to the specific person within the company who will be reviewing your cover letter. Do research online and if necessary feel free to call the employer and ask for the appropriate individual's name and job title.

Sum up your qualifications
In the middle couple paragraphs, discuss your qualifications for the position. It is important that the employer know several of the key reasons why you are qualified, along with specific examples to prove your qualifications. However,  don't make it too wordy! On average, an employer reviews a cover letter for a 8 seconds. Because of this, key qualifications must be discussed succinctly!

Follow the formatting
Be sure to follow a strict business letter format when writing your cover letter. Examples of this formatting and sample cover letters can be found HERE.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

To have an Objective or not to have an Objective, that is the question?

It seems everyone has an opinion on the "objective" section of the resume. Below are some excellent points to think about before placing one on your resume:

1)      An objective can provide a resume with direction when it might not otherwise have a clear one.

2)      An objective can note the target of a career transition when the resume content only details transferable skills from indirectly related experience.

3)      An objective can help the student with extremely limited experience demonstrate a goal in mind to prospective employers.

4)      An objective can provide the introduction you need when a contact is passing along your resume as a referral to another contact and so on and so on.

5)      An objective is unnecessary when there is a strong clear theme to one’s resume.

6)      An objective is unnecessary when you are sending a cover letter in which you discuss your intentions as an applicant.  (Alas, the devil’s advocate in me voices the opinion that many employers don’t read the cover letter, so maybe an objective is still needed.  Ah, the cover letter.  A tale for another blog entry!)

7)      IF an objective is used on the resume, please be specific.  I actually saw one recently that I shall paraphrase as the following, “Looking for a position in the working field.”  Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but you get my meaning.

In sum, there are many diverse opinions on this subject, so make sure it fits your resume and needs at the time you are updating your resume.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Check this out:

Connecting the Dots: Social Sciences and Humanities in the Corporate World | The Big Slice

This article discusses the importance of a liberal arts degree versus something more "black and white" like a business degree. Very interesting, and something to think about when you are choosing a major!

Employers also want to know that you are well-rounded and have experiences, thoughts, and opinions on matters outside of their subject matter.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Friday, November 1st

KT Lobby Next to Mastodon Bones

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